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- Due to COVID-19 all upcoming shows are cancelled or in the process of being postponed. The status of my shows that are scheduled for the more distant future are TBD, so stay tuned for updates on all future events. Stay safe everyone. <3 




Yavin is unabashedly human. A celebration of the ordinary, wrapped up in pop music that’s extraordinary. A short, nerdy, queer kid, he grew up never being taken very seriously. With an upbringing like that, he learned very quickly how to remain in touch with the important parts of his humanity, the parts that were often overlooked by other people, while being able to laugh at everything else.

It taught him to see the world in his own way, and reject the superficial. For some people that might be scary, but for Yavin it's been his fuel. Couple that heart-plastered-on-his-forehead attitude with a clear-cut sense of humor, and you can always expect nothing less than emotionally-charged pop fun.



Email / domanimuzik@gmail.com
Twitter / @yavin_music
Instagram / @helloyavin
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